Group Physiotherapy

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Group Physiotherapy, as practised by Physiotherapists is a combination of the original principles and recent scientific evidence of the role of ‘core’ muscle support for the spine.

Today’s Group Physiotherapy, considers the movement-direction preference that the patient demonstrates when they are assessed by their Physiotherapist. In fact careful ongoing re-assessment is important to monitor the effectiveness of the exercise programme.

Exercises using the Pilates Reformer, the Trapeze and the Platform are performed as low load/high repetition exercises.

Pilates mat exercises are also taught, but much more control is needed to correctly perform the exercises.

Our clinic offers pilates exercises as part of most of our treatments on a one-to-one basis. We also regularly run small Pilates equipment  and mat and ball groups. Many of the Health Funds will support these group sessions.

A full assessment of each patient entering these groups is needed, along with core muscle training as a pre-requisite.

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