Group Physiotherapy

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Group Physiotherapy enables the patient who is recovering from injury to continue their exercise programme under the supervision of their Physiotherapist.

Groups consist of 5 or less participants. Each person having an individual set of exercises that is gradually revised and upgraded as they progress.

As with all Physiotherapy interventions reassessment occurs at regular intervals and continues until the patient has reached their goal and is able to continue the exercise programme at home.

Various pieces of exercise equipment may be used including the bike, balance devices such as the Fitball, the Bosu or mini-trampoline. Pilates equipment, as in the Reformer, Trapeze and Platform are also valuable tools for ‘core’ muscle control and restoring normal movement.

Our clinic offers 4 group sessions each week. We find that with supervision and in the company of others that exercise becomes fun and more likely to be adhered to.